What we do

About Us

Australian Policy and History is a network of historians that provides politicians, bureaucrats, journalists and the public with historical knowledge in the pursuit of better public policy outcomes. We publish a range of material that connects historical research to current-day policy issues, and we run conferences and workshops. Australian Policy and History is run chiefly by historians at Deakin University, with support from the University of Melbourne and the Australian National University.

Central to the ethos of Australian Policy and History is our non-partisan character. We aim to engage stakeholders from all areas of Australian society in a spirit of co-operation and problem-solving. While we recognise that many issues are complex and defy easy solutions, we are motivated by the desire to achieve public policy outcomes that are informed by historical evidence. We promote civility and respect in public debate.

Australian Policy and History also seeks to promote historians as constructive participants in the public policy debate. It emboldens them to look beyond the academy, to connect with policy makers, the media and the public, and to consider the ways that our knowledge and expertise can contribute to the advancement of Australian society.

The network was co-founded in 2010 by Professor David Lowe at Deakin University,  Professor Melanie Oppenheimer, now at Flinders University, Zoe Pollock of the History Council of New South Wales, and Professor Nicholas Brown from the Australian National University (ANU).