Advisory Board

The APH Network also has an Advisory Board that identifies relevant issues and current affairs, and suggests historians or authors who could be approached to write on such topics. The inaugural Board members are:

Senior Historian

Marilyn Lake
School of Historical & European Studies, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Latrobe University, and President of the Australian Historical Association (AHA).

Robert O’Neill
AO Chair of the International Academic Advisory Committee of the United State Studies Centre, University of Sydney.

Speech writers:

Dennis Glover
Author and speech writer for the Australian Labor Party.

Don Watson
Author, public speaker, and former academic and speech writer.


Michelle Rayner
Executive Producer of Hindsight, ABC Radio National.

Brian Toohey
Walkley Award winning journalist and TV political commentator.

Internationally-based advisors:

Frank Bongiorno
Menzies Centre for Australian Studies and Department of History, King’s College London (UK).

Alan Booth
School of History and Co-Director of the Centre for Integrative Learning, University of Nottingham (UK).

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