Australian Policy and History/Copyright Agency Limited Internships

Australian Policy and History (APH) is pleased to announce the recipients of nine Australian Policy and History/Copyright Agency Limited Internships. These internships, part of APH’s career development programme, are designed to help ten early-career historians to enhance their writing skills and publication record through the development of individual research projects. Members of the Australian Policy & History Network are mentoring these as they develop a research project that links historical inquiry and practice with current affairs. The final papers resulting from this project will be submitted for consideration for publication with APH in 2013.

The successful interns are listed below, with their project title:

Ruth Morgan, Monash University
- Out of sight, out of mind: the use and misuse of groundwater in Perth, Western Australia

Dave Earl, University of Sydney
- NGOs have played a crucial role in Australia’s understanding of people with disabilities.

Deborah Mayersen, University of Wollongong
- Responding to Genocide: Mobilising Political Will in the Australian Parliament

Jon Piccini, University of Queensland
- “A dangerous disease to catch”: Overseas Student Activism in Australia during the 1970s

Hannah Forsyth, University of Sydney
- University Autonomy and the Public Interest.

Christiane Keys-Statham, University of New South Wales
- Australia’s foreign cultural policy.

Julia Miller, Macquarie University
- Climate cycles versus climate change: demystifying denial

Karen Agutter, University of Adelaide
- Host a migrant: a comparison of the proposed homestay policy and post Second World War immigration policies and practices

Hannah Evans, University of New England,
- The role of women in the Australian Army from 2000 to the present day.

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