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Australian Policy and History publishes two kinds of articles – short opinion-style pieces and longer, more traditional-style academic papers. Both are written in clear, concise text appropriate for a non-academic audience. The emphasis is on policy relevance, with a clear focus on what can be learned from history for policymakers.
Articles aim to address policy significance in a distinctly Australian setting, but through historical research spanning both Australian and overseas subjects.

Opinion Pieces are between 500-1000 words and are written in a newspaper-style that is short, sharp, engaging and to the point.

APH Essays are between 2000-4000 words and are comprised of short, succinct paragraphs. An executive summary (or abstract) is provided at the beginning of the article explaining the major points. Footnotes are not included, but a short reading list is provided at the end.

Policy Briefs – coming shortly


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