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History and the Hill 2019 Program

June 12 @ 6:00 pm - June 14 @ 6:00 pm

History and the Hill | Conference Program*

*Program is subject to change

Wednesday 12 June 

Australian Policy and History Public Lecture 

6 pm – 7.30 pm 

Forum Theatre, Arts West North Wing (Room 153), University of Melbourne 

Professor Graeme Davison 

History and Public Policy: What can we learn from Hugh Stretton? 

Probably no Australian historian of his generation thought as deeply about the public uses of history as Hugh Stretton (1924-2015). A professor of history who never wrote a history book, a city planner who never took a degree in urban planning, an economist who resisted economic rationalism, he nevertheless became the most admired Australian public intellectual of his time. Throughout a long career that spanned academia as well as diverse political and public engagements, his approach to policy remained essentially historical. Drawing on my recent experience in editing Hugh Stretton; Selected Writings, (La Trobe/ Black Inc 2018) I will describe how Stretton arrived at his view of history, analyse his characteristic ways of thinking about public policy, and reflect on what we may learn from his work.    

Thursday 13 June 2019 

Deakin Downtown – Tower 2, 727 Collins Street Melbourne 

9.00 am-10.30 am  10.30 am-11.00 am  11.00 am – 12.30 pm   12.30 pm-2.00 pm  2.00 pm-3.30 pm  3.30 pm-4.00 pm  4.00 pm-5.30 pm 
Parallel Sessions 
Welcome & Keynote Address 


Andrew Leigh MP 


Introduction by David Lowe 

Morning Tea  Panel Discussion 


Bridging the Divide Between History & Policy 


Caroline Edwards  


James Button 


Stuart Macintyre 


Chair: Carolyn Holbrook 


Lunch & History and Policy Workshop 


Terry Moran 


Dennis Glover 


Jenna Price  


Ann McGrath 


Chair: Frank Bongiorno 




Historians & Policy in Child Welfare 


Frank Golding 

Dee Michell  

Kathy Landvogt 

Shurlee Swain  

Nell Musgrove 

Jacqueline Wilson 


Afternoon Tea  Families Policy 


Carla Pascoe Leahy 
Paid work and care work: Policy shifts and maternal experiences since the 1970s 


John Murphy 
Fathers, breadwinners and public policies 


Alistair Thomson 
Oral history, fatherhood and family policy: making complex connections 

Political & Policy Processes 


Frank Bongiorno 
John Crawford and Trade Policy 


Julie Suares 
Prime Ministers and the Public Service 


Carolyn Holbrook 
Malaysia Solution and Policy Processes 



Friday 14 June 2019

Deakin Downtown – Tower 2, 727 Collins Street Melbourne 

9.00 am-10.30 am  10.30 am-11.00 am  11.00 am- 12.30 pm  12.30 pm-2.00 pm  2.00 pm-3.30 pm  3.30 pm-4.00 pm  4.00 pm-5.30 pm 
Parallel Sessions  Parallel Sessions 
Panel Discussion 


Academic Expertise & Fake News 


Clare Wright  


Katharine Murphy 


Misha Ketchel 


Chair: Matthew Ricketson  

Morning Tea  Human Relationships 


Michelle Arrow 
Domestic Violence: Lessons from the 1970s 


Noah Riseman 

Affirming Transgender Visibility and Identity: Lessons from the Past 


Deborah Nance 
Making marriage national:  the regulatory partnership with religious institutions 

Law, Policy and Secrets 


Joanna Cruickshank 
History, Law and Treaty-Making with Indigenous Peoples in Australia 


David Lowe 
Legacies of Atomic Testing in Australia: Policy and Mistrust 


Peter Edwards 
The impact of the Hope Royal Commissions of the 1970s and 1980s on Australia’s intelligence agencies today 

Lunch & Policy Case Study  


Refugee Settlement 


Peter Shergold  

A Changing Region 


Honae Cuffe 
Economic Diplomacy and the South Pacific Commission: A Case Study in Institutionalising Australia’s Regional Role 


Kate McGregor 
Shifting from International to ‘Indonesian’ Justice Measures: Two Decades of Addressing Past Human Rights Violations 


Brad Underhill 

Australia’s ‘New Deal for Papua New Guinea’: Understanding how plans for the post-war colonial development of PNG has shaped long-term financial and humanitarian commitment to our northern neighbour 

The Democratic Process 


Benjamin T. Jones 
Labor and an Australian Republic, 1999-2019 


Judith Brett 
The origins of Australia’s policy of compulsory voting. 


Gwenda Tavan 
‘Falling foul of section 44 (i)’: Australia’s dual citizenship saga and the problems of institutional inertia and ‘drift


Afternoon Tea  Environmental History, Policy and Practice 


Andrea Gaynor 
Soil Salinity in Western Australia: A Slow Motion Crisis 


Ruth Morgan 
Water Planning and Futures Past: Water history and policy in Perth, Western Australia 


Daniel May 
Lessons in the flames: How environmental history can contribute to fire management policy 


Grand Reform and its Discontents 


Lyndon Megarrity 
Northern Australia is Hard to See: National policy responses to the tropics since 1901 


John Doyle 
Australian telecommunications reform: ‘a mistake by the Hawke government’? 


Emily Millane 




Deakin Downtown
727 Collins St. Tower 2, Level 12,
Melbourne, Vic, Vic 3008 Australia
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