Image Attribution

APH gratefully acknowledge the artists, photographers and various archives collections for the images used to create our Banner artwork.
They include:

Banner 01: (Images courtesy National Library of Australia)
‘End of the main assembly line in Plant 1, General Motors-Holden’ [photgraph] 1951-1952,

‘Swearing in ceremony of the first Governor General, Lord Hopetoun and the members of the first Federal Cabinet, Centennial Park, Sydney,’
1 January 1901 [picture]

‘Canberra [cartographic map]‘ 1933 Australia. Dept. of the Interior. Property and Survey Branch.

‘Migrants arriving at an Australian port’ [picture] 1964.
[Photograph B/W]

‘Voters certificate, electors of Victoria, Australian Federal Constitution’.  Supplement to the Argus 21 July 1899
[photograph : gelatin silver]

‘Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Apology to the Stolen Generations’, Melbourne, 13 February 2008 [picture]  by June Orford

‘Collar with inscription: Votes for women’, ca. 1913 [cotton]

Banner 02:
‘The first parliament of Botany Bay in high Debate’ (etching),
‘Banksia Ericifolia’ (painting) Rowan, Ellis, 1848-1922. Courtesy of National Library Australia

Banner 03:
War Posters 1914-1945 courtesy of Australian War museum

Banner 04:
‘Digging for gold near Tichborne,’ NSW (photograph), courtesy State Library NSW
‘Rush to the Ballarat Gold fields’ (painting), courtesy National library of Australia

Banner 05:
['Mining camp, Victoria or New South Wales'] ca. 1855-60 / David Tulloch (painting), courtesy State Library of NSW

Banner 06:
‘Invitation to Miss Deakin to celebrate the opening of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia’ – May 1901,
courtesy of Deakin University image collection

Creatve Commons Attributions

Banner 07:
‘War Memorial Poppies’ Canberra, January 23 2011, by TheCreativePenn

Banner 08:
‘Parliament House Seal 2′, November 21 2011,   by variationblogr
Prime Minister Gillard, August 10, 2010,   by MystifyMe Concert Photography™
Tony Abbot,  August 10 2010,  by MystifyMe Concert Photography™

Banner 09:
‘Nice work Julia’, October 30 2010,  by euskadi 11
‘Never stopped loving you’,  January 9  2010, by euskadi 11
‘This Maniac could be PM’   August 28  2010,  by euskadi 11
‘Waranomie’,  March 28 2009, by euskadi 11

Banner 10:
‘No Time for sheep,’    October 14, 2010  by euskadi 11 –
‘Keep money want change,’   July 27 2010 by euskadi 11

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