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   1.   Middle East Redux: Syria as Another Intervention? Another Disaster?
   2.  ‘Getting It Right’ workshop: Videos
   3.  (Un)covered History: Policy Tensions of Archaeology at Holocaust Sites
   4.  A Bridge into the Future: The Past tells Us that Now is the Time to Act in Creating a Better East-West Link for Melbourne
   5.  A Dangerous Disease to Catch: Overseas Student Activism in Australia during the 1970s
   6.  A proverbial Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? The Dangers for Democracies in hurriedly introducing Emergency Powers
   7.  A Rogue State of (Foreign) Affairs? Facing the Threat of International Decline, the United States must Reconsider Its Foreign Policy
   8.  A Wider View of History is required to Understand the Murray Darling Basin
   9.  Addressing the Challenges of the National Curriculum
   10.  Advance Australia Fairer: Canberra should Lead the World in eliminating the Gender Gap
   11.  An Australian Republic: A Model proposed by a Monarchist
   12.  An Unequal Playing Field: The AFL’s Obsession with Increasing Revenue has Distorted the ‘Competition’
   13.  Art For (High) Art’s Sake
   14.  As ‘Tortuous as a Ludlum Thriller’
   15.  Assessing and Reassessing Anzac in 2010
   16.  Assured Prevention over Assumed Protection: How Regional Development can Secure Australia better than an Uneven Alliance
   17.  Australia’s International Cultural Diplomacy
   18.  Australia’s New National Curriculum and the Future of History
   19.  Australia’s significant Computing Legacy: Helping to Connect the World
   20.  Australia, Papua New Guinea, and a Communal Blindness in Our History Education
   21.  Australian Policy and History Mentioned in Scandia Journal 2014
   22.  Australian Policy and History/Copyright Agency Limited Internships
   23.  Australia’s Relations with India: Some of the History
   24.  Australia’s Turn at a Recurrent Mistake: History Tells Us that Foreign Occupation only Consolidates Opposition in Afghanistan
   25.  Balibo: Time to Move On
   26.  Bidding for and Hosting a World Cup
   27.  Broadening the Scope of Historical Enquiry into Australian Refugee Policy
   28.  Charting a Fairer and more Tolerant Society: Australia must Draw on its Impressive Past and Promote rather than Reject Human Rights Charters
   29.  Constructing Asia Literacy as a Policy Problem
   30.  Consumer Policy, the Carbon Tax, and selling Consumption Reduction
   31.  Contentious Past, Contentious Present? Immigration Nation and the Origins of Australia’s Multiculturalism
   32.  Destroying the Past: Targeting the Symbols of Baathist Iraq
   33.  Developing the North and Histories of Indigenous Economic Engagement
   34.  Displaced Persons and Public Memory
   35.  Diversity and Excellence: Prompts from the History of the Tertiary Education Sector
   36.  Education and the Centenary of Anzac
   37.  Education Scholarships and the Indonesian Australian Relationship
   38.  Empire, Imperialism, the United States and Australia
   39.  Environmental Citizenship and the Neoliberal State: Good Policy or Greenwash?
   40.  Environmental Wicked Problem-Solving: A Case For History
   41.  Ethnic Riots: Can they ever Cease to Exist?
   42.  For Love or Money? Maternal Wellbeing and Government Policy
   43.  Freedom versus Servitude: Is it Time to Redefine what is Acceptable under the Auspices of Religious Practice?
   44.  Front Door or Firewood? Reflecting on the Past in order to Change Assumptions on Indigenous Housing Policies in Australia
   45.  Fuel Mandates have a History of Success and a Lesson for Bio Fuels Implementation
   46.  Getting it right: Using history to inform public policy
   47.  Getting it right: Using History to Inform Public Policy
   48.  Great Disasters in Human History: Still Burning Books in the Age of Information
   49.  Hazaras’ Persecution Worsens: Will the New Government show Leadership by lifting the Suspension on Afghani Asylum Claims?
   50.  Heritage Hell — Can this be happening in NSW in the 21st Century?
   51.  Hey Gillard, Stop keeping Us in the Dark Ages! How Historical Perspectives help to provide Insight into Equality for Same-Sex Relationship
   52.  Historians to the Fore, Or How to Inform a Much-needed Debate about Australia’s Response to Refugees
   53.  Historians, Policymakers Meet in Canberra
   54.  How Australia’s longstanding Commemorative History questions the Need for more Proposed War Monuments
   55.  How much should Australians know about Papua New Guinea?
   56.  Inadequate Response: The United Nations and Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, War Crimes, and Crimes Against Humanity since the 1948 Genocide Convention
   57.  Inaugural Australian Policy and History Workshop
   58.  Inaugural Australian Policy and History Workshop: Part 1
   59.  Investing in Australia’s Future: Making a Historical Case for why Our Foreign Policy Ownership Policy needs Reforming
   60.  Investing in the Future: Making a Historical Case for why Australia should not Reduce its Foreign Aid during Financial Downturns
   61.  Julia Gillard as Prime Minister
   62.  Just Say No: Consumer policy and the case for restricting rights
   63.  Leading the World or Falling Behind?
   64.  Leading the World or Falling Behind?
   65.  Life, Death and Deliverance at Callan Park Hospital for the Insane, 1877-1920: A Public Policy Message
   66.  Like Phoenix Rising from the Ashes: the Role of the Australian Red Cross and the Victorian Bushfires — a Return to the Future?
   67.  Malcolm Fraser and Papua New Guinea
   68.  Mining History for the 2013 election
   69.  Mining, Myths and making it up in Western Australia
   70.  Movements as Forces with Irrepressible Momentum: How Feminism indicates that Gay Marriage will not be Denied
   71.  National Security and Immigration in Australia’s Twentieth Century History
   72.  Navigate a New Path, Gillard: From Antisemitism to ‘Asian Invasion’, Australian Immigration Policymaking has been and remains inherently Racist
   73.  New Australian Prime Ministers Website Released
   74.  New Labour in History
   75.  Our Sick Society: Curing the Stigma attached to Mental Illness through Public Awareness and Education
   76.  Out of Sight, Out of Mind? The Use and Misuse of Groundwater in Perth, Western Australia
   77.  Pardoning our Past? —’Breaker Morant’ and Today’s Australia
   78.  Past Adoption Practices and the Politics of Apology
   79.  Peter Shergold on Academics and Policymaking: A Response
   80.  Policy Reforms and Homeland Security: The Question of Organisation
   81.  Political Trials: Justice by Guillotine?
   82.  Politicians and Historians
   83.  Politicians, History and Policy
   84.  Pre-Occupation with the Past: How Occupy Wall Street could and should have Learned from earlier Protest Movements
   85.  Precious but Partial? Some Comments on the Nomination of Australian Convict Sites for World Heritage Listing
   86.  Preparing for the ‘Asia Pacific Century’: Australia and the Balancing Act between Avoiding Conflict and Maximizing Potential Opportunities
   87.  Prison Escapes and Correctional Policy: an Historical Perspective
   88.  Public Opinion be Damned: Canberra must Hedge Our Bets and Cultivate better Relations with China — regardless of what Australians may Think
   89.  Putting Australian Women on the Frontline of War: A Transnational Historical Perspective
   90.  Putting Theory into Practice: International Development and Australian Economic Assistance to Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asia, 1945-75
   91.  Raising our eyes in the wake of the Federal Election
   92.  Rape and Redress: Why Australian Women still are Unequal under the Law
   93.  Realigning Our Migration Policies, Taking a Holistic Approach to View Refugees as Skilled Migrants
   94.  Reconciling (with) the Past: The Black Armband and White Blindfold Histories in and of Australia
   95.  Religious Freedom in the Playground: Public Policy and the Wearing of Religious Attire in Australian Schools
   96.  Remembering Australia’s Wars: Hangings of Papua New Guineans by Australian Soldiers in WWII Complicate Our National Narratives
   97.  Repackaging History for Policy Purposes
   98.  Responding to Genocide: mobilising Political Will in Australia
   99.  Reverse Discrimination: The Modern ‘Equality’?
   100.  Royalty over a Republic: Mounting a Historical Case for Australia remaining Loyal to the Crown

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