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Submissions should be sent to Carolyn Holbrook.

Guidelines to submitting an article

We are looking for a few kinds of articles for Australian Policy & History: short opinion-style pieces, longer, more traditional style academic papers, policy briefs and book profiles. All are to be written in clear, concise text appropriate for a non-academic audience. The emphasis should be on policy relevance, with a clear focus on what can be learned from history for policy-makers.

1. For Opinion Pieces, we would like the following:-

  • Between 500-1000 words
  • Written in a newspaper-style that is short, sharp, engaging and to the point
  • Embedded hyperlinks

*See an example here.

2. For APH Papers, we would like the following:-

  • Between 2,000 — 4,000 words
  • Short succinct paragraphs with sub-headings if necessary
  • No footnotes but a short reading list at the end
  • An executive summary [or abstract] at the beginning of the article explaining the major points [using bullet points]

*See an example here.

3. Policy Briefs are to be prepared in the style of public service briefs. These will include the following:-

  • Purpose, historical background, current situation, key considerations, options and recommendations
  • Contact officer section
  • Footnotes

*See an example here.

4. Bookshelf briefly profiles new books about policy and history. 

*See an example here.

Editorial process

Editing a new article and preparing it for publication usually takes a fortnight (though some APH Papers may take slightly longer).

  • We welcome contributions from historians of all periods and themes. We aim to address policy significance in a distinctly Australian setting, but through historical research spanning both Australian and overseas subjects.
  • You don’t have to be based in a higher education institution or have completed a doctorate in order to contribute to Australian Policy & History, but your article must be deemed by the editorial team to be of a professional standard within the discipline of history.
  • We accept proposals for new articles at any time and also approach historians directly for contributions.
  • We aren’t prescriptive about what themes should be addressed, provided the current policy relevance is clear and the historical content is of a high quality.
  • We aim to publish new articles to coincide with current and emerging policy issues, so please allow us as much notice as possible of your intention to submit a draft.

For further advice, please contact Carolyn Holbrook.

By submitting an article you are agreeing to the Contributor’s Agreement.