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Art For (High) Art’s Sake

by Rebecca Hawkings PhD Candidate Department of Modern History Macquarie University

The Coalition Government’s presumptive Arts Minister, George Brandis, is as passionate about the arts sector as any previous Minister to hold the portfolio. But his ascension back into the role is not good news for Australian popular music practitioners.

The 2013 Federal Read more »

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The Liberal Campaign and the Myth of Rescue

by Sarah Burnside*


Much has been made of the repetitious slogans in use this election campaign, but one has received comparatively little attention: the Coalition’s emphasis that Labor must not be given ‘the second chance that it doesn’t deserve and that Australia can’t afford’.

The Liberals instead suggest that they Read more »

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Destroying the Past: Targeting the Symbols of Baathist Iraq

by Benjamin Isakhan, Research Fellow, Centre for Comparative Social Research, Deakin University


Executive summary

  • Since 2003, Iraq has endured an extraordinary period of cultural and historical destruction.
  • Little attention has been paid to what such destruction – and especially symbolic de-Baathification – might mean for national identity and social cohesion.
  • Despite Read more »

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Historians to the Fore, Or How to Inform a Much-needed Debate about Australia’s Response to Refugees

by Klaus Neumann, Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University of Technology


  • During the 2010 federal election campaign, the Australian Labor Party and the Coalition issued statements on asylum seeker policy that were pandering to the anxieties of a minority of Australians.
  • The statements about asylum seekers that have been issued by Read more »

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