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Environmental Citizenship and the Neoliberal State: Good Policy or Greenwash?

by Michelle Reiner, Honours Graduate, School of International and Political Studies, Deakin University


Executive summary

  • The concept of the ‘good environmental citizen’ has, to some extent, begun to dominate public debate in Australia at the expense of sound environmental policy.
  • Liberal-democratic governments have encouraged and promoted the notion of Read more »

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WA: The Vulnerable State

by Peter McMahon, School of Sustainability, Murdoch University


Last year Australia experienced the extremes of weather with killer bushfires in Victoria and destructive floods in Queensland. The Victorian bushfires and Queensland floods reminded us yet again that nature at her worst is far beyond the efforts of humankind to control. Read more »

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Fuel Mandates have a History of Success and a Lesson for Bio Fuels Implementation

by Troy Whitford, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Charles Sturt University

Australian policymakers and politicians concerned with the implementation of ethanol and bio diesel (bio fuels) into mainstream use should examine the introduction of unleaded fuel as a historical analogy. The similarities are profound in terms of issue identification and opposition – Read more »

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A Wider View of History is required to Understand the Murray Darling Basin

by Troy Whitford, Charles Sturt University

The proposed cuts to water allocations featured in the Guide to the Murray Basin Plan are detrimental to rural communities and the agricultural sector.  While debate surrounds the impact of the proposed Basin Plan, little attention is given to the methodology used to calculate the volumes of Read more »

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Leading the World or Falling Behind?

by Marilyn Lake, Professor in History, La Trobe University


Scientists generally agree that the emission of carbon generated by industrialised economies, if left unchecked, will cause catastrophic changes in the earth’s climate leading to warmer temperatures, rising sea levels, failures in agriculture, prolonged droughts and an increasing incidence of extreme weather events, Read more »

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