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Art For (High) Art’s Sake

by Rebecca Hawkings PhD Candidate Department of Modern History Macquarie University

The Coalition Government’s presumptive Arts Minister, George Brandis, is as passionate about the arts sector as any previous Minister to hold the portfolio. But his ascension back into the role is not good news for Australian popular music practitioners.

The 2013 Federal Read more »

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The Safe Haven Visa Policy: A Compassionate Intervention with Cruel Intentions

by Robert Carr, Researcher, Department of History and Politics, University of Wollongong


Executive summary

  • Historians committed to policy revision need to unpack popular assumptions surrounding the history of Australia’s refugee policy.
  • Further to my last contribution to Australian Policy and History, broadening the approach to histories on refugee policy Read more »

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Environmental Citizenship and the Neoliberal State: Good Policy or Greenwash?

by Michelle Reiner, Honours Graduate, School of International and Political Studies, Deakin University


Executive summary

  • The concept of the ‘good environmental citizen’ has, to some extent, begun to dominate public debate in Australia at the expense of sound environmental policy.
  • Liberal-democratic governments have encouraged and promoted the notion of Read more »

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Tax Review and the Big Picture

by Roy Hay, Sports and Editorial Services Australia (SESA)


Contemplating current events, historians, I suspect, often feel ‘This is where I came in’. Having cut my teeth on David Lloyd George’s ‘People’s Budget’ in 1909, his land tax campaign in 1913, and the aborted attempt at reform of local government taxation in Read more »

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Prison Escapes and Correctional Policy: an Historical Perspective

by Benedict Taylor, School of History and Philosophy, UNSW


Rates of escape from prison have long been considered a basic performance measure for all correctional departments, and prison managers have long formulated policy with this fact in mind. Yet research into the history of escapes from Australian prisons suggests that prison administrators Read more »

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Politicians and Historians

by David Lowe, Alfred Deakin Research Institute, Deakin University


Why don’t politicians listen to historians? Perhaps the key word in this question is ‘listen’. We know that politicians do, indeed, draw on historians’ works. A well-known Australian example is of historian Don Watson penning some of the more memorable of former Prime Read more »

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The Bonegilla Riot, July 1961: Maintaining favourable Impressions of the Postwar Immigration Program

by Bruce Pennay OAM, Adjunct Associate Professor, Charles Sturt University


Executive summary

  • This month marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Bonegilla Riot.
  • Newcomer non-compliance prompts administrative reviews that can lead to shifts in policies and practices.
  • Non-compliance that leads to violence attracts media attention, which almost invariably gives rise Read more »

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Contentious Past, Contentious Present? Immigration Nation and the Origins of Australia’s Multiculturalism

by Adele Garnier and Mandy Kretzschmar, PhD Candidates, Modern History, Politics and International Relations, Macquarie University/University of Leipzig


Executive summary

  • The Gillard government has recently argued that multiculturalism is in Australia’s national interest. Yet multiculturalism remains a contentious political issue.

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