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Tax Review and the Big Picture

by Roy Hay, Sports and Editorial Services Australia (SESA)


Contemplating current events, historians, I suspect, often feel ‘This is where I came in’. Having cut my teeth on David Lloyd George’s ‘People’s Budget’ in 1909, his land tax campaign in 1913, and the aborted attempt at reform of local government taxation in Read more »

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Travel, Tourism and Diplomacy: Is the Australian Government a ‘Smart Traveller’?

by Agnieszka Sobocinska, University of Sydney


Executive Summary

  • Australian perceptions of Asia have undergone significant changes since the Pacific War, and ‘ordinary’ Australians are increasingly comfortable within the region.
  • This article outlines the political influence of travel and tourism, arguing that Australian perceptions of Asia have been progressively shaped by a Read more »

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Politicians, History and Policy

by David Lowe, Alfred Deakin Research Institute, Deakin University


Executive Summary

  • The need for an Australian web-network of historians who engage with current policy issues seems well-founded.
  • Research behaviour encouraged by the new Excellence for Research in Australia scheme doesn’t necessarily encourage contributions to public debate.
  • A robust sense of public Read more »

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